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“Without your Health there can be no Happiness” By Abraham Lincoln


At Myaree Sports Massage we understand your sources of aches and pains, with targeted application of various massage techniques, we are able to reduce and alleviate your pain levels, so that your body is able to feel more vibrant, healthier and happier. Get back your health with a great massage and be happy.


In many cultures in ancient times around the world, massage was an integral part of medical treatment. Around 3,000 BC the Chinese had made it part of a general fitness and health program.


The benefits of massage may vary from person to person, however the beneficial effects are numerous. The analogy that is often expressed to clients, of like servicing your Car, without it the Car becomes worn down due to lack of maintenance and when things starts to go wrong, it becomes expensive to fix. After the Car tune up, your driving experience seems more responsive and the car drives better. After a good massage, you do feel better, happier and joyous.

Massage therapy is an effective alternative treatment that can stimulate the blood flow, cleanse your lymphatic system and detox your body, increase joint mobility and balance the length, tone and tension of your muscles and tendons. This may aide in the restoration of joints and bone positions. Massage is an effective remedy for certain sports injuries, frozen shoulders, frozen necks, headaches and migraines, poor posture and many more conditions like sciatica.

Back Massage
Shoulder Massage Remedial

A combination of these techniques may be used to cater to a client's individual needs with the aim of achieving and maintaining ongoing improvements in client health:



Scientific research and studies provide some validity to support that massage therapy offer benefits of the following: -

  • Improves digestion;

  • Reduces or lowers blood pressure;

  • Releases pain killing chemicals (hormones) – endorphins;

  • Balances hormone action in the body;

  • Improves blood circulation;

  • Increase lymph flow;

  • Abets muscle relaxation;

  • Increases the range of motion for muscles and increases the flexibility of joints by lessening tension and stiffness;

  • Reduces instances of joint and muscular swelling;

  • Helps muscles and joints, sprains and injuries heal faster;

  • Reduces the chance and extent of scar tissues formation;

  • Mitigates stress and anxiety;

  • Reduces pregnancy tenderness and discomfort;

  • Introduces essential oils into the skin;

  • Reduces dependency on medicines by providing an alternative pain management system.

​Be Healthier Starts with us!
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