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Mother's Day!

To the best mum in the world,

Mother’s Day, the most precious gift one can give to the most precious and treasured person in our life, our mother, is happiness.

There are four hormones that determine one's happiness:

• Endorphin

• Dopamine

• Serotonin and

• Oxytocin

Endorphins are released in our body through exercise, laughter, and massage.

Dopamine is released, when we get appreciated and acknowledged (loved).

Serotonins are released, when we act in a way have benefits others (giving).

Oxytocin are released, when we hug or shake hands (body touch).

Through our relaxing aromatherapy massage your precious Mother gets to have all of the 4 happy hormones released. She will be loved and appreciated from you.

So, make your precious Mother be loved and happy with our gift voucher.

Buy now for Mother’s Day and show her how she is loved with a therapeutic massage.

Available for purchase from 22/04/2022 to 09/05/2022; The voucher is valid for 1 year.

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