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High incidence of summer cold in children.

Summer is the season of high incidence of fever and cold in children. Many parents wonder why the temperature is getting higher, but the child is still easy to catch a cold? In fact, some neglected details of life are also easy to cause children to accidentally catch a cold in summer. Parents should pay attention to preventing these 3 major factors, and stay away from incentives.

1. Hot and cold

Because of the high temperature in summer, air conditioners are an essential cooling way, but the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, Children have not fully adapted to enter an environment that is too cold or too hot, which can easily lead to colds.

2. Loss of appetite

Hot weather may cause poor appetite and lack of nutrients, and without a routine diet, the germs will take advantage resulting in infections in the upper tract respiratory system and colds.

3. Spoiled food

Various germs multiply faster in high temperatures, food is easy to spoil. Children have weak stomachs. If they ingest spoiled food, their gastrointestinal function will be damaged, and the proliferation of bacteria will cause gastrointestinal and respiratory infections. In addition, in the hot summer, often eating cold drinks, which will also affect gastrointestinal function and increase the incidence of colds.

Prevention and treatment of summer cold.

1. Rational use of air conditioners

A high-temperature environment will cause the body temperature to rise. Reasonable use of air conditioning is conducive to fever. However, the air-conditioning wind should not blow directly against the body, and the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures should not exceed 5°C. Every three hours of air-conditioning use, the room needs to be ventilated for about 10 minutes.

2. Wipe the skin with hot water

A cold accompanied by a fever can cause a lot of sweating, and wiping with hot water not only makes the skin comfortable but also prevents bacteria from growing on the surface. At the same time, wiping with warm water can also effectively cool down, but pay attention to avoiding wind when wiping to prevent cold air from invading the skin.

3. Drink more water

The lack of water in the body is not only not conducive to heat dissipation, but also easy to aggravate the disease due to dehydration. You can take in more liquid foods to add water and maintain adequate nutrition.

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