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Should patients who have gout exercise?

Many patients refuse to exercise because they are afraid of the pain of gout.

Should patients who have gout exercise?

Appropriate aerobic exercise is beneficial for people with gout.

Exercise can improve high-risk factors such as abnormal obesity metabolism, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity. It is necessary to choose an aerobic exercise with moderate intensity, such as walking, cycling, aerobic or swimming, etc. Exercise for 20 minutes or more each day is beneficial.

Regular aerobic exercise can speed up calorie burning, reduce body fat, and weight management. Obesity is a high-risk factor for metabolic diseases.

Regular aerobic exercise can also improve metabolic function and increase uric acid excretion.

Aerobic exercise can also lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels, help to clean blood vessels and facilitate the excretion of blood uric acid. Exercise can also improve cardiopulmonary function, improve immunity, and reduce the number of times for gout attacks.

It can be seen that patients with gout can exercise, but it is advised not to exercise during the acute attack, otherwise the condition will get worse.

It is advised a gradual exercise program should be adopted, starting with less intensive exercise first, and then slowly increasing the number of times and exercise intensity. Water intake before, during, and after exercise can improve blood uric acid levels.

When exercising in winter, remember to keep your body warm and protect your limbs and joints to prevent cold. It is not advisable for patients with gout for high-intensity exercise. Because the muscles produce lactic acid during anaerobic exercise, which affects the excretion of uric acid.

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